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Trade Executions

Trade Executions

M. Ramsey King Securities, Incorporated provides state-of-the-art trading platforms that facilitate individual and program executions for US and International trades. We execute trades on an agency basis only.

We believe the experience of our trading team, along with their knowledge of industry technology has enabled us to consistently find the most effective and cost efficient trading platforms to trade large baskets of stocks within the low cost structure mandated by large institutional managers.

We utilize state-of-the-art trading technology and integrate every step of the trading process with access to both a wide variety of global execution destinations and a powerful suite of pre-trade and post-trade analytics. We provide access to automated trading strategies, including a full pallet of industry leading algorithms. M. Ramsey King Securities, Inc. will provide FIX line connections for clients who need them.

Our traders monitor all trades through the execution process to make sure they do not fall out of line with the client’s instructions. Our clients are confident of our ability to navigate the market’s complexities in real time.

As clients demand lower trading cost, we believe it is our responsibility to structure the right technologies and platforms to satisfy market demands as well as the profitability goals of our firm.

M. Ramsey King Securities, Inc. traders also provide major trading desks with significant market impacting updates to ensure that they are fully apprised of major market moving news, enabling them to make the best decisions while working their equity orders. We update traders via email and phone.