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The King Report

The King Report

Market Commentary

Our Market Strategist, Bill King, has authored “The King Report” for over 27 years. It is an independent view on global, political, financial, and economic factors that influence world markets. As author of the firm’s daily market commentary, Bill’s candid observations and forecast on the economic, financial, and political forces that are impacting the markets have been extremely accurate. However, this report is not the usual garden variety tripe that is issued by the financial media and Wall Street. Bill, in plain language, refutes conventional rant about Wall Street activity and articulates the real factors and impetuses that drive market activity. The inside world of Wall Street is far different than what is disseminated to the masses. Wall Street insiders seldom adorn their own portfolios or trading accounts with 'recommended list' issues.

The King Report features include

  • Concise session summary
  • Short-term investment strategy
  • Macro strategy
  • Technical trading comments
  • Sector-specific comments
  •  Political color and commentary
  • Distribution takes place after midnight via email

The King Report is now a daily “must read” and discussed at morning meetings by some of the largest investment institutions throughout the US and Europe. Bill and his staff maintain daily contact with major US financial institutions, and various financial/economic professionals to gather market information, while maintaining primary source anonymity.

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